Else 9.29.14: Google snorts milk through its nose; Food, Things, and Marketing

(image) This past week’s links are rife with people asking hard questions of Google and Facebook, and so much the better, I’d warrant. You don’t get to the lead position without raising questions. In fact, that seems to be the theme of the week – asking interesting questions – of our online services, our marketing, and our food (yes, our food).Read the full article

  • How Facebook and Google are taking over your online identity

    qz.com - 6 readers, 389 Tweets - When Facebook executives meet potential advertisers, their biggest selling point is that the company knows whom it's advertising to. In contrast to the wilds of the web, the proposition goes, Facebook users sign in to the service and make themselves known. Match their data with third parties—data brokers who provide loyalty card spending, for in...

  • Websites Are Wary of Facebook Tracking Software

    online.wsj.com - 6 readers, 589 Tweets - Fearing the growing clout of Facebook, some publishers and retailers are reprogramming their websites to send less data back to the social network about who visits their sites.

  • Tim Cook has no clue what we do: Google's Schmidt

    cnbc.com - 9 readers, 105 Tweets - Eric Schmidt dismisses Tim Cook's claims that Google sells personal data to advertisers.

  • Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It | WIRED

    wired.com - 8 readers, 304 Tweets - The tiny startup already has created a reasonable facsimile of chicken eggs---an imitation that's significantly cheaper, safer, and possibly healthier than the real thing. Now it's working to overhaul other foods in much the same way.