Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How?

by Anna Korolekh
Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How? Category: Marketing, SEO, Webinar Last Thursday we have held a webinar for Magento site-owners with our awesome partners Magento support and development company Mementia. The webinar was very well-received as site speed is very well known issue for Magento e-commerce platform and, besides, site speed optimization is currently ...Read the full article

Webinar: Speed up Magento why and how

Being hugely flexible and multi-functional e-commerce platform, Magento is also known to consume lots of resources and thus is often reported to be really slow. Join in our webinar to learn why you should care about your site's speed, how you can optimize it for better performance and what results you can expect. You will learn: What if you don't do any optimization? Optimizing a small website Optimizing a heavily visited website Common mistakes and myths How site speed affects rankings Top 5 performance tips for better SEO Most efficient tools to track your site speed