Brandwatch Revamps Social Media Command Center Brandwatch Vizia

by David Cohen
Social intelligence company Brandwatch rolled out new features for its Brandwatch Vizia social media command center, which allows brands to conduct risk and crisis management, monitor and analyze the success of events and campaigns, and track their online presence against competitors. Brandwatch Vizia clients include Monster, Moneygram, Whirlpool and Droga5.Read the full article

Powering Real-Time Engagement with Vizia

Pioneering brands are embedding social media command centers (SMCC) into their enterprises to analyze real-time social data, react instantaneously, and spread intuitive social insights across their organizations. Vizia, powered by Brandwatch Analytics, is now used in the Social Media Center at Monster Headquarters to give leaders instant access to powerful social insights. Watch this short video to find out how Monster are: - Better understanding their audience - Collaborating for efficiency and consistency - Spreading social intelligence across the company - Planning for global expansion Find out more here: ------------ Subscribe now for regular webinars, expert interviews and Brandwatch demonstrations. • Get a demo of Brandwatch ➡ • Learn more about Vizia ➡