The One Trend Social Media Experts Avoid

by Geoff Livingston
There are many trends in media, many of which revolve around social media and the incredible amount of data it creates. But social media marketing blogs are not informing their publics about the one trend they cannot afford to miss: The incredible power video holds on the marketplace. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about broadcast TV, which is in a continuing slow decline.Read the full article

20 Reel Video Marketing Questions Answered - Hangout on Air 8/23/2012

Video Marketing Questions & Answers - ▼ EXPAND THIS DESCRIPTION ▼ So, We held our first Google+ Hangout-on-Air today (08/23/2012) to spend some time answering video marketing questions from those that attended the event. While we had some technical difficulties, overall, it was a fun learning experience and we hope that you can join us for our next hangout (TBD). To stay informed of future hangouts and other ReelSEO events, subscribe to us here on YouTube (, as well as circle and follow us on Google+ (, Facebook (, and of course, on our website @ JUMP to each question using the blue links below▼ Question #1) 06:16 How many different types of YouTube accounts and channels are there (Partners, Brands, Free, Others) and in particular, are there different levels of brand channels? Question #2) 08:20 When do custom thumbnails get rolled out for all monetized youtube users? Question #3) 12:05 Since I have 2 channels, is there a way to organize my channels into a network or will I have to keep my content separate? Question #4) 15:05 If I add my video shows to playlists, can viewers subscribe to individual playlists? Question #5) 17:20 Is there a way to post a video without a notification going out to all your subscribers? Question #6) 20:10 Should I kick off my new channel with my best tutorials or should I build an audience before I post my best stuff? Question #7) 22:47 Does your upload location matter and how do you draw in viewers from a specific country (e.g. UK)? Question #8) 24:45 Could you recommend some video streaming platform that lets you offer a pay per view event? Answers - & Question #9) 27:07 What are the pros and cons of uploading my videos to competing video hosting services (IE - vimeo, etc..) - Does this help with SEO or discoverability, or is it worth the trouble/effort? Question #10) 30:21 Can you use YouTube with a subscription service? Answers - take a look at & and Question #11) 35:24 What would you say is the biggest key to video optimization (IE titles, tags, descriptions, links thumbnails, etc....)? Is there one that produces more results than another? Answers - Question #12) 41:00 Does changing your title, tag, or description screw up your SEO or ranking? Question #13) 41:43 You mentioned in a recent video being able to link your YouTube account to your own domain. Who will have access to this feature, what are the benefits, and how will this affect the OVPs (online video platforms) out there? Answers - Question #14) 45:30 What is Mark's last name? Answer - ROBERTSON - Question #15) 45:57 What if you post a video, put it out socially, and then notice that you made a mistake? How do you handle the premature posting to your audience? Question #16) 49:28 I have seen many channels that don't have many views or subscribers, but are still youtube partners, and have all the features. How can you get accepted as a YouTube Partner? Question #17) 51:25 Is there a way to become a YouTube partner and gain access to the features without enabling the monetization? Question #18) 52:20 What are the best platforms to monitor a YouTube embed code for shares, embeds, etc...? Answers - Question #19) 53:17 When we watch videos inside of Google+, are those views being counted towards YouTube views? Question #20) 56:25 What's your favorite transcription service for YouTube videos?

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