The Top 10 Best PPC Hacks ... Ever!

by Larry Kim
AdWords advertisers struggle constantly to keep pace in an ever-changing industry, where Google likes to switch things up with hundreds of changes to the platform each year. What if you could cut through all the noise, seriously reduce your learning curve, and cut straight to the heart of the most effective and impactful PPC marketing tactics? I recently led a webinar with Th ...Read the full article

The Top 10 Pay Per Click Advertising Hacks of All Time [Webinar]

The pay-per-click advertising landscape is ever changing. Google alone adds hundreds of new features each year, not to mention the dozens other emerging and existing PPC platforms. So how do you know which campaigns to prioritize, what new features to try, and where to cut back for the most success? Join Larry Kim of WordStream and Thue Madsen of KISSmetrics for an exclusive webinar that divulges the top 10 PPC advertising hacks you need to optimize your PPC strategy today. You'll learn how to: -Hack Google’s Quality Score metric to improve your ad rank while spending less -Optimize ad copy with one counterintuitive but insanely simple approach -Leverage mobile ads to cut out stages of the funnel where you are losing clicks -Capitalize on the first mover advantage with Gmail ads, mobile call buttons, and more -Analyze campaign performance to build an informed remarketing strategy