New Orange site lets you talk to your ‘Future Self’

by Shareen Pathak
Want to know what your future self thinks about the Yankees? Step right up and turn your webcam on for a new digital campaign for telecom brand Orange. Created by Publicis Conseil and Jam3, “Future Self” asks you to log into a site and get your picture taken. Then, the software magically ages you. Using your microphone, you can ask your future self any number of questions, fro ...Read the full article

Orange #futureself - Demo of the experience

Birthdays often represent the opportunity to roll back the clock and evaluate the path taken. For Orange, it is also an opportunity to look forward and plan tomorrow’s innovations … and it is from this perspective that Publicis Conseil created, for the brand, a surprising digital experience that allows each one of us to meet and talk with one’s future self. Go to and live the extraordinary interactive experience. Take a picture of yourself, tell your age and gender, and let yourself be guided inside the world of 2034. Ask your future-self about the innovations since 2014, or ask him or her about your new job, your children and even your craziest dreams …