Pampers Teams With Video App Magisto To Help Parents Share Their Children’s Precious Moments

by Steve Hall
With the knowledge that every parent on the planet has all kinds of videos of their precious little children stored on their phones, Pampers, with help from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, teamed with video app Magisto to help parents easily create videos and share them across social media with their friends.Read the full article

Pampers and Magisto - From lost treasure, to a new free source of brand emotion.

Every parent loves to share photos that capture the special moments with their baby, but why not videos? Truth is that Mum and Dad’s cellphone contains a whole lost archive of videos capturing the everyday magic of babyhood, that will probably never see the light of day. It's all too much hassle. Pampers has always celebrated the magic of babyhood in the most joyful, genuine and insightful ways. So we teamed up with Magisto to create a completely new way for parents to create and share those special moments, and it couldn't be easier. Emotion-sense technology selects the best parts of the video and splices them together with graphics and music. It's all sponsored by Pampers, so when these charming parent-made films are shared with friends and family, at zero cost to Pampers, everyone feels closer to the brand.