Six examples of interesting content from ‘boring’ businesses

by Dan Brotzel
It’s easy enough to create amazing content if you’re ASOS or Red Bull or LEGO. But what if you’re a dentist or a funeral provider or you sell Hoover spare parts for a living? In the world of content marketing, ‘boring content’ seems almost to have become a genre in its own right. It tends to stand for content from B2B organisations facing those classic considered-purchase cha ...Read the full article

How to replace a fridge thermostat - Zanussi

For all your Zanussi fridge freezer spares go to Josh demonstrates how to change the thermostat on an under-the-counter fridge.

eSpares: The Outtakes

For all your spares go to: As eSpares celebrates its 10th birthday, here's a selection of our favourite outtakes from our fix-it-yourself videos through the years!

"Tree Removal" jobs of 2013

Top 5 Tree Removal job of 2013 by the crew from Ace Tree Management. Facebook@acetree.comau

Cherry picker hire tree cutting aerial platform man lift - Ace Tree Management Music: Daft Punk Skrillex Remix - Conte Video production: Lensaloft Show casing it's newest arrival to it fleet, the Barin AP 70m aerial work platform cherry picker which can be used for tree cutting as well for Telecommunication, Commercial/Industrial Construction, Power utilities, Wind Farm installations and Maintenance. This is the first 70m in Australia with a added secondary Jib boom, which can plane on an vertical axis of 180 degrees. Now you can access behind,over or under objects like never before with this added Jib. Also what is impressive is the SWL at full maximum working height of 70m, added to this is the rotating,extending bucket equipped with all the working 240v power and hydraulic tool lines. The 70m has a unique stabilising footprint,enabling confine space setups even on the most awkward terrain with no loss of maximum working height. For further information please contact me via email or website.

Slow Motion Tree removal Work with Husqvarna chain saw Ace Tree

Ace Tree Management's footage of the slow motion tree removal work was filmed by Andrew from lensaloft with a gropro3 edition. A cherry picker ( boom lift truck) was used to gain access to the hollow tree as it was to unsafe to climb. Tree height was around 45m, towering all over the surrounding trees with several large half broken dead limbs hanging off a totally hollowed out tree core. Self rigging of the limbs was not possible due to the concerns was have with any slightness loading on this hollow core. So we selected to removed all of the powerlines in the drop zone and trim the nearby trees so we could free fall sections to the ground.