VIDEOS: Facebook’s @Scale 2014, Mobile Track

by David Cohen

Facebook's iOS Architecture - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Adam Ernst, Software Engineer at Facebook and Ari Grant, Software Engineering Manager at Facebook Facebook has been iterating its mobile products, continuing to increase the richness of the content and speed at which it is delivered. In transitioning to become a mobile-first company, Facebook has faced complex issues and opportunities to make its products more innovative, while building abstractions to do so that are powerful, yet simple—all fit for a very large scale.

Practical Cross-Platform Mobile C++ Development - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Alex Allain, Platforms and Libraries Lead at Dropbox and Andrew Twyman, Platforms and Libraries Engineer at Dropbox We'll discuss the motivation for why xplatform C++ makes sense and then focus on the "how" of making it work--tying languages together, dealing with platform differences, and the tools we've developed to do so. That'll focus on a language generator we wrote that generates objective-C++ and jni bindings automatically, as well as other aspects of tooling and dealing with cross-platform mobile C++.

Unbundling and Its Impact on Mobile and Web Architectures - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Kiran Prasad, Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn As mobile becomes a larger part of user traffic, there is a natural question of whether we should combine or separate the client/server architecture for feature development. In addition to system architecture, the same question arises around testing, build tooling, deployment systems, and cadence of releases. Come learn where we started, where we are now, and where we are going with LinkedIn front end architecture.

Speeding Up Android Development with Exopackage - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

David Reiss, Engineer at Facebook Buck is a build system for Android that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources. Because Android applications are predominantly written in Java, Buck also functions as a Java build system. Buck has an advanced feature to speed up iterative Android development called exopackage. An exopackage is a small shell of an Android app that contains the minimal code and resources needed to bootstrap loading the code for a full-fledged Android application.

Scaling a Mobile Only Company - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Paul Holden, Mobile Platform Lead, Uber How do you go about building a mobile-first team? What are the challenges in scaling the user base? We will walk you through the Uber journey of how we tackled these questions - the paths we took, lessons we learnt and where we are heading in the future. This talk will cover how we organized our team and built our development process to help scale Uber.

Microsoft Office Cross-Platform Architecture - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Igor Zaika, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Office What does it take to target multiple major mobile devices (as well as traditional environments) with portable, efficient, single-source code? This talk demonstrates architectures, techniques, and lessons learned rooted in experience of building Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Lync) on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Scaling Android Apps for Emerging Markets - @Scale 2014 - Mobile

Tyler Kieft, Engineer at Instagram, Chris Marra, Product Manager at Facebook and Andrew Rogers, Engineering Manager at Facebook Android's growth has been staggering, and now more than half a billion people connect to Facebook each month from more than 40,000 different device models. In order to develop great products for these people, getting smart about performance, connectivity, and device characteristics has become crucial for Facebook and Instagram. We'll discuss the qualitative and quantitative approaches we've taken to better understand the Android device market, and present the way we've scaled this in the organization.

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