Want a mastectomy tattoo? There’s an app for that

by Shareen Pathak
Last year, CP+B vp and experience director Noel Franus began P.ink after his sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. The online platform was a way to sell survivors on tattoos as a psychological healing option after double mastectomy procedures. It turns out many women find tattoos to be affirming alternatives to plastic surgery for scar coverage or nipple replacement, ...Read the full article

Inkspiration App by P.ink

An introduction to P.ink’s new app for breast cancer survivors. Download now: http://p-ink.org/inkspiration For breast cancer survivors, scar-coverage tattoos can be a form of healing. But the decision to get inked is very personal. The Inkspiration app offers mastectomy patients an opportunity to "try on" chest tattoos in the privacy of their own homes. The app houses a growing library of tattoo inspiration and helps users identify real-world tattoo artists with mastectomy experience. About P.ink P.ink provides tattoo inspirations, ideas, and artist info to breast cancer survivors. Learn more at p-ink.org.