How Funny or Die Makes Branded Content Go Viral

by Camille Padilla Dalmau
Over the past seven years, Funny or Die has built a viral media empire, home to Internet sensations like “The Landlord” and “Between Two Ferns.” But rapidly, they’re also becoming a viral branded content shop. Funny or Die’s vice president of branded entertainment, Chris Buss, shed some light on their approach at this year’s Advertisement Week.Read the full article

Coke Chase 2013 Ad

The Chase may be over, but you can catch Coca-Cola's epic 2013 Super Bowl ad here! To see more videos, check out Did you miss the Chase? Find out how the Showgirls' supporters won the day:

#CokeChase | Behind The Scenes | Pepsi NEXT

Forget what happens at the end of #CokeChase, check out what happened behind the scenes with Pepsi NEXT. Real Cola Taste. 60% Less Sugar. Drink It To Believe It! Subscribe: Connect with Pepsi:

Glad Trashy Affair - Pilot (Episode 1)

What happens when a man becomes too enamoured with his Glad® with Odour Guard® trash bag? You'll need to watch to see how it all goes down! Watch the full series to find out what happens with Michael and his Trashy Affair!

Backseat Italians

Apparently, every new FIAT comes with a complimentary Italian family in the backseat. See the original advertisment at: