Digital transformation: a war of attrition at Shell

by Ben Davis
Digital transformation is a bit of a headache to read or write about. That’s because discussion of organisational change often strays into the abstract, which, as anyone who has ever looked at twenty Kandinskys in a row can attest, is pretty boring. That’s why I find Shell really interesting. At a recent event at the IAB, Shell’s global media manager spoke about the transform ...Read the full article

Breaking Barriers feat. Tim McGraw -- Act 1 - Origins

Tim McGraw introduces John Hennessey, owner of the Venom GT Production Vehicle poised to challenge the Bugatti Veyron's Land Speed Record. In exploring the history of the automobile we uncover the timeless competition to set and break records. We discover how Henry Ford put his name on the map, how the Model T became the template vehicle for hot-rodding and celebrate America's first land speed hero, Frank Lockhart. Breaking Barriers is brought to you by Pennzoil Platinum® and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oils with PurePlus™ Technology, a revolutionary process that converts pure natural gas into a first-of-its-kind synthetic base oil. When combined with a high performance additive package, you get motor oils designed for complete protection. Pennzoil® is committed to pushing the boundaries of motor oil technology and helping car enthusiasts break barriers. See the magic at Join the conversation: #MotorOilReimagined Twitter: Facebook: