Is Your Marketing is Suffering from Fragmentation, Disappointment and Lack of Organization?

by Douglas Karr
You probably answered yes… and ours is a challenge as well. Lack of organization, fragmentation and disappointment are key themes stemming from the findings of the Cross-Channel Marketing and Technology Survey, released by Signal (formerly BrightTag). The results of the study highlight the fact that marketers largely do not feel that ad tech is helping them achieve the seamless ...Read the full article

Signal CEO Mike Sands introduces Signal’s Cross-Channel Marketing and Technology Survey

Marketing technology is abundant and more advanced than ever before. But marketers have yet to create the kind of one-on-one experiences customers expect as they move between devices and channels. More than 1 in 2 marketers say their tools aren’t helping them achieve the type of cross-channel coordination they need to have relevant, cohesive interactions with customers, according to a global survey by Signal.