The Benefits and Challenges of Live-streaming Video [Creators Tip #163]

by Carla Marshall
On this week's Creator's Tip we discuss the benefits, as well as the challenges, of live-streaming video. The barriers to entry for live-streaming have never been lower, and it's easier than ever to broadcast a live event out to an engaged audience. But even though equipment is less expensive, and events can be live-streamed for a very reasonable cost, there are still many fa ...Read the full article

The Benefits and Challenges of Livestreaming for Business [Creators Tip #163] Livestreaming events can have a lot of benefits for your company and business, including live interaction, analytics, social buzz, and more. While the simplicity of livestreaming has become a lot easier and the cost of broadcasting an event has become much cheaper over time, there's still some challenges to it that Bern Rexer outlines for us in today's Creator's Tip video. Bern at Media X Presentations, Inc. VISIT FOR TONS MORE VIDEO NEWS & TIPS SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Linkedin ► ReelSEO ►