Use Dashboards to Create, Improve and Promote Videos Online [VIDEOS]

by Gail Gardner
Creating videos is not as challenging as you may think. It is actually fairly simple using free or very inexpensive tools. I use the pro version of costing only $15/year. If you’re serious about your videos, you don’t want to stop with just creating them. By creating an analytics dashboard specifically for your videos, you can find out what your viewers ...Read the full article

YouTube Rankings and YouTube Analytics With Cyfe Download my free report YouTube Rankings Assault Kit. YouTube Analytics has some shortcomings when we want to track the performance of specific videos. Cyfe is a Chrome Extension that will help you overcome some of the challenges of tracking YouTube video statistics. Sign up for Cyfe Download Cyfe from the Chrome Store 01:35 Find Your Top Ten Videos in YouTube Analytics 01:46 Tracking the performance of a specific video 01:55 Problems with searching by video title in YouTube Analytics 02:24 Looking at the Cyfe dashboard 02:26 Setting up a widget in Cyfe 02:46 Tracking your top ten YouTube Videos in a Cyfe Widget 03:09 Monitoring YouTube "view duration" in Cyfe 03:33 Preview a list of the other social networks available to track with Cyfe 04:01 Addition additional YouTube widgets to the dashboard 04:17 Get an Alphabetical Listing of All Your YouTube Videos 04:44 Seeing view counts, likes, comments, and subscribers for Google+ Tips video 05:11 Resizing and moving widgets within the dashboard 05:33 Renaming a widget 06:07 Choose traffic sources, playback locations, country maps, country lists 07:23 Facebook Page monitoring Add me to circles on Google+ Follow me on Twitter