Inbound Marketing Highlights - Mobile Stats, Links & 'About Us'

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday marketing nation! Welcome to Sunday's Inbound Marketing Highlights with Mike and Roman. Are you preparing your Inbound Halloween costume? Last you went as a CTA, maybe this year it's time to turn evil and go as a Spammy Link. Our articles this week: Here are the Latest Facts on Mobile Marketing.Read the full article

  • Google Is Now Letting You Add Polls to your Google+ Posts - 6 readers, 269 Tweets - Google is rolling out a new Google+ feature that allows users to add a poll to posts on the social network. It’ll first be rolling out for Android devices and... Keep reading →

  • What Your 'About Us' Page Is Missing - 18 readers, 11 Tweets - Just about every business website has an "About Us" page or section, but most of these are missing a key ingredient that will help turn visitors into customers. Last week, I spoke at the big web marketing conference Pubcon, and a highlight of the event was hearing persuasion expert Robert Cialdini [...]