How to Blog Like A Pro | Adventures In Visibility with Rebekah Radice

by Denise Wakeman
In this episode of Adventures in Visibility we explore how to blog like a pro with Rebekah Radice. This is a topic near and dear to my heart as I just celebrated 10 years since publishing my first blog post! Rebekah takes blogging to another level and during our chat she shares how she consistently knocks out top quality content.Read the full article

Adventures In Visibility | How to Blog Like a Pro with Rebekah Radice | How to Blog Like a Pro Rebekah Radice is my guest on this episode of Adventures in Visibility. We're going to be diving in to all things blogging (for your business, of course!) This topic is near and dear to my heart as I just celebrated 10 years since publishing my first blog post! Rebekah takes blogging to another level and I can't wait to chat with her about how she consistently knocks out top quality content. Rebekah and I will be discussing: ✎ Why no one shares your blog posts and what to do about it ✎ Why you need to niche down to grow your blog and your business ✎ How to use social media to support your blog and promote your message ✎ The number one reason blogs fail and how to avoid making that devastating mistake ✎ How to ensure all of your online efforts work together effortlessly Timestamp of the video: 0:50 Introducing Rebekah Radice 2:48 talking about business blogging 3:34 When did Rebakah start blogging? 5:34 Blogging was a game changer 5:43 Rebekah's first blog post 6:48 What's Rebekah's secret to her consistent blogging habit 7:43 Stick to your commitment no matter what 8:16 One of biggest problem with blogs is not posting for long periods of time 8:49 What does Rebakah blog about? 10:07 You've got to do what works best for you 11:00 Advice about blogging has changed over the decade 11:48 How long does it take to write a blog post? 13:02 How many times does Rebekah rework the opening? 13:50 Most of Rebekah's posts are 1200+ words 13:59 Question from Jeff Sieh about an editorial calendar 15:36 What does Rebekah do to get so many blog shares? 16:00 Join blogging communities 16:53 Learn from the people out there doing it 17:13 You've got to go beyond the 4 walls of your blog 18:52 SocialBuzzClub and Triberr 19:16 Comment from Ilene Smith 19:50 Promotion is bigger than writing (almost) 20:21 How have images impacted the success of Rebekah's blog 21:29 Use images to help people connect with the essence of your business 23:17 Use brand look and feel to create images 23:17 Hired a designer to create multiple images for brand 24:26 What does niching down your blog mean 25:08 The power of speaking to just one 27:41 What contributes to a blog failing? 28:30 What are you working towards with your blog? 28:41 What does't get written down, doesn't get done. 29:47 You've got to know what your outcome is 30:30 #1 one piece of advice for businesses starting a blog 33:02 Question from Melanie Kissel 33:15 What blogs does Rebekah read? 35:05 What has been Rebekah's most memorable adventure? 37:52 Where to connect with Rebekah Rebekah Radice is the founder of Rebekah Radice, LLC and a founding partner of Imagine WOW; digital marketing agencies committed to helping business professionals align strategy and intention for breakthrough social media results. Rebekah is the author of _How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition_ and recently named an Inman *Top 100 Most Influential Leader* for the second year in a row, as well as one of the *Top Social Media Professionals to Follow.* Connect with Rebekah Blog: Google+: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: If you'd like to be on the email list to get notified about future Adventure Hangouts and when video replays and show notes are posted, go to *Watch previous Adventures in Visibility here: * *Prefer to listen?* Subscribe to the Adventures in Visiblity Podcast here: