The Business Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air: How to Uplevel Your G+ HOA Events, Even If You “Refuse to Use Google+”

Editors note: Debbie submitted so much great content for this post, we asked her to keep it all and break it into two posts! The last post covered the basic benefits of hosting G+ HOAs for your business. Today’s post will show you how to level up your performance and monetize your event. Tweet it! One of the great benefits of Google+ Hangouts on Air is that you don’t need to p ...Read the full article

LIVE on Firepole Marketing: The Audience & Business Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air

LIVE on Firepole Marketing: The Audience & Business Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air Published October 6, 2014 > Part 1: Why You Should Start Hosting G+ HOAs, Even If You “Hate Google” Published October 13, 2014 > Part 2: How to Uplevel Your G+ HOA Events, Even If You “Refuse to Use Google+” Google+ Hangouts on Air Hosting Workshop and Q&A Free to attend and participate, hosted by Debbie Horovitch, creator of the Celebrity Hangouts on Air approach to planning G+ HOA shows that attract celebrity guests, build unlimited audiences, generate sponsor revenue, and meet business objectives with every episode! Use the Q&A app at the top right corner of the preview video on this page to let me know your questions, before and during the Hangout! When you use the Q&A app before/during the , your question will be answered on the Hangout video AND video-marked so that you can just click on the question to be taken to the place where we give you an answer! Social Sparkle & Shine is best known for our signature livestream show #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers, a peer networking & mastermind group for book authors ranging from aspiring to best-selling. Notable book author guests in our library of mentoring Hangouts include Guy Kawasaki (twice), Dorie Clark (three times), Mike Michalowicz (twice), Chris Guillebeau, Sam Fiorella, Gina Carr, Bob Burg, Coach Jim Johnson, Sally Hogshead, Michael Procopio, Rodney Washington, and even Kindle Direct Publishing! Membership is free to all aspiring or experienced book authors at and currently includes a free Fascination Advantage Assesment from Sally Hogshead author of How The World Sees You and How To Fascinate ($37 value). This personality assessment will tell you what about you is fascinating to others and how you can leverage your unique traits to succeed in life! Author Sally Hogshead wrote a book about you. Have you ever wondered how your personality is most likely to impress and influence the person sitting on the other side of the table? Our view of ourselves can be clouded by our own negative perceptions. Sally's book, How the World Sees You will show you which of your personality traits are most valuable to others, so that the world can see you at your best. Here’s how you take the Fascination Advantage® Assessment: 1. Go to: 2. Enter the code "SPARKLE" (without quotes) along with your name, password, and email address. You’ll immediately receive your in-depth, custom report, which identifies your personality Advantages. * This code is only available for the first 500 participants, so take yours before they’re all gone! We also host on the 10th and 25th of every month 10/25 #ProfitFirst Accountability & Information sessions for new members reviewing the book "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz, that can literally make your business PROFITABLE by the time you go to sleep tonight! It was such an astounding realization to me when Mike showed it to me in person in San Francisco in late September 2013 at #PumpkinLive at #CreativeLIVE that he actually included me in the book! You can get the first 5 chapters, enough to understand and IMPLEMENT the system TODAY, for free #HangoutProducers #Hangouts #Webinar Disclaimer: You will have received an invite if you have asked to be added to the invite circle, attended past events, if you have commented positively on a past event, or if you're someone I find fascinating. If you want to be removed from the invite list, please let me know.

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RSVP for upcoming events: Level 1 information at Access the Level 2 training information at The Audience Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a YouTube Livestream (Google+ Hangouts on Air): Watch the video AND download my SlideShare presentation here: March 25th, 2014 - Debbie Horovitch of Social Sparkle & Shine and Celebrity Hangouts on Air presents Hangouts on Air for Meeting Professionals and Event Planners at the Event Solutions & Conference in Las Vegas, NV.