We’ve Gone Full Circle – How Viral Content Gets Scraped and Re-purposed

by Jesse Aaron
One trend in content marketing that’s been popular for some time now involves scraping the web for unique and engaging content and then repurposing it for use on a different channel. In some ways, this is safe to do, yet in others, it can cause quite a bit of harm – read, plagiarism. Of course, if we just glance over any trending headline we’ll find that even some of the mos ...Read the full article

UPDATE: IGN stole my Monster Hunter 4 video! PLEASE SHARE (starts at 2:38 on their video)

● Original Video: http://youtu.be/jBwlDhiPSrU ● YouTube Comment: http://goo.gl/n8pIVp ● Reddit Post: http://goo.gl/UNWNMe