Why You Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Brand Journalism’

by Sam Petulla
Recently, content marketing has been causing a commotion. These past few weeks, both the Financial Times and Frédéric Filloux have both pointed out that “corporate journalism” and “brand journalism” are everywhere you look. Both the amount of content produced by brands and the amount of people reading branded content is rising quickly, and as the FT and Filloux both observe, ...Read the full article

  • The invasion of corporate news - FT.com

    ft.com - 14 readers, 7 Tweets - A population of 100,000 is no longer a guarantee that a city like Richmond, California can sustain a thriving daily paper. Readers have drifted from the tactile pleasures of print to the digital gratification of their smartphone screens, and

  • Emails: Vice Requires Writers to Get Approval to Write About Brands

    gawker.com - 30 readers, 51 Tweets - At most media organizations, there's a "Chinese wall" between editorial and advertising operations--each department operating independently of one another. At Vice Media--marketing shop first, editorial brand second--that's not quite how it works, according to a series of emails published to Twitter by recently departed editor Charles Davis.