4 Latin American Brands That Will Inspire Your Content Strategy

by Camille Padilla Dalmau
Imagine you’re going to the bathroom and when you go to dry your hands, the paper towel has breaking news printed on it. That’s a fairly common occurrence in the malls and offices of Mexico City thanks to Más por Más, a free Mexican newspaper. Seeking an innovative way to reach new readers, Más por Más designed and made a paper towel dispenser that connects to their newswire ...Read the full article

Paper Towel Dispenser News

CNA - Speaking Exchange

FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network are launching the Speaking Exchange project, which connects CNA students in Brazil with Americans living in retirement homes. This meeting is carried out via an exclusive digital tool that uses video chat technology to bring the students face to face with Americans.

Beldent Almost identical

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Coca-Cola presenta The Friendly Twist. Una botella de Coca-Cola como cualquier otra pero con un pequeño twist.