McDonald’s takes on critics in (near) real time

by Shareen Pathak
Ever wondered where the meat in your Big Mac comes from? Maybe you want to know just what, exactly, is so special about its “special sauce.” Now you can directly ask the chain yourself. Today, McDonald’s USA is making a formal attempt to answer those with “Our Food. Your Questions,” an extension of a campaign that has already run in Canada and Australia. The U.S.Read the full article

Our food. Your questions. Is McDonald's beef real?

“Pink slime”? Worm meat? Fillers? You’ve been talking about McDonald's beef so we’ve opened the doors to Cargill, one of our U.S. beef suppliers. Follow Grant Imahara as he gets answers about the beef we use for your burgers. #ad What kind of beef do you use in your burgers? Do you use so-called “pink slime” in your burgers or beef treated with ammonia? How do you make your beef patties? Are there fillers or preservatives in your beef? Does your beef contain added hormones? Are your burgers fresh or frozen?