Format follows function: Shaping the next generation of display ads

This article was written by Natan Nikolic, Director of Product at Celtra. Every new medium is inevitably shaped by its closest predecessors. When the pioneers of commercial television set out to produce the first broadcasting programs, their vision reached as far as pointing a camera at faces. They were looking at television as radio + pictures.Read the full article

First Television Broadcast NBC/RCA July 7, 1936 Part 1 of 2

This is a filmed record (not a kinescope) of the first actual "public" television broadcast in the United States. (There were perhaps three receivers capable of receiving the signal.) This show starts with the "live" portion (which has been filmed, rather's sometimes hard to see the actual image being broadcast). Then there are some Pathé newsreels which were broadcast, followed by more live footage. A rather befuddled Ed Wynn vamps for a bit, and there are appearances by Eddie Green and George Wilshire, as well as The Pickens Sisters. This show was broadcast to the various RCA licencees, who were in attendance, watching on one of the receivers.. Some identify themselves on-camera.