The new Electrolux vacuum will clean your inbox

by Tanya Dua
Electrolux wants to clean more than just your floors. The Swedish home appliance giant now has the World Wide Vac, a digital vacuum cleaner to help people get rid of all their “digital dust” or clutter online. The World Wide Vac was created to help promote the brand’s new real-life vacuum cleaner, the UltraFlex.Read the full article

Worldwidevac - the first digital vacuum cleaner

Electrolux has been helping you clean your home for over 100 years. Today internet has become our second home, a home where we rarely clean. The amount of files stored has an increasingly big impact on the environment. One single email emit on average 4 gram of CO2. So Electrolux created and accessory to the new Ultraflex vacuum cleaner with extra reach and flexibility - one that will help you clean your cloud and help the environment.