[Video] Social Media Quick Tips: Using Pinterest for SEO

by Miranda Paquet
Pinterest is a social media network you don’t want to underestimate. More than any other social network, Pinterest allows businesses to engage with consumers while they are in a “shopping mentality,” and browsing for inspiration. An active and optimized presence on Pinterest can help get your business in front of new audiences, increase website traffic, and drive sales.Read the full article

Social Media Quick Tips: Using Pinterest for SEO

Take a minute to check to see if your “Search Privacy” is turned on within Pinterest. Allowing your Pinterest boards and profile to appear in search engine results is a great way for new customers to discover your business. Make sure that you’ve turned your “Search Privacy” off within your Pinterest “Account Settings.” Discover other Pinterest mistakes to avoid on the Constant Contact blog: http://blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/social-media-marketing/pinterest-for-business/