Visual Maths: A Brief History of CGI

by Pete Wailes
The web is no longer a thing for HTML pages only. Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology and broadband speeds, people are doing ever more adventurous things in web content production. However, with WebGL getting ever more usable and impressive, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a step back and look at the history of computer generated things.Read the full article

Visual Maths - A Brief History of CGI

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Westworld (1973). La visió de Gunslinger.

Big Hero 6 Official NYCC Trailer (2014) - Disney Animation Movie HD

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Gravity Vfx Breakdown

Gravity Visual Effects Breakdown Prime Focus Stereoscopic conversion

CGI VFX Showreels HD: "2014 Showreel" by - Embassy VFX

Watch the latest 2014 Show Reel from the talented team at Embassy VFX! The Embassy is an Oscar nominated production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in visual effects, animation, and live-action production for both feature film & advertising. Music Track - "Vitalic-Bluesy Tuesday" Official Website - Facebook - Like Them! Linkedin - Vimeo - ---Reel Breakdown--- Visual Effects by The Embassy 00:07 Battleship 00:10 Ender's Game 00:14 Citroen 'Technodays' 00:17 Elysium 00:22 Kia 'Chase' 00:25 Iron Man 3 00:31 Battleship 00:37 EA Need for Speed 'Shift 2' 00:48 Verizon ' Science Project' 00:52 Citroen Promo - Movies 00:55 District 9 00:56 Iron Man 00:58 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 01:02 - Paper World 01:04 Rogers 'Speeding Mouse' 01:07 Battle: Los Angeles 01:09 District 9 01:12 Cowboys and Aliens 01:15 Citroen 'Ghostbusters' 01:19 Citroen Promo - Restroom 01:27 Honda 'Asimo's Journey' 01:28 - Paper World 01:30 Hyundai Tucson 'Myth shattering' 01:31 Hyundai Santa Fe 'Mountain' 01:33 Iron Man 2 01:36 Asics 01:38 Citroen 'Technodays' 01:40 Cowboys and Aliens 01:42 PMMP Milk 'Kitty' 01:43 Nike 'Evolution' 01:44 Iron Man 01:46 Citroen 'Alive with Technology' 01:47 Battleship 01:49 Verizon Droid 01:52 Verizon 'Sleeping' 01:55 Elysium 01:58 VW 'Moving City' 02:00 Citroen 'Runner' 02:02 Battleship 02:05 District 9 THE EMBASSY - PRODUCTION & POST PRODUCTION - 177 WEST 7TH AVE, VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA - 604 696 6862 - INFO@THEEMBASSYVFX.COM