The 10 Best Halloween Ads of All Time

by Jillian Richardson
Halloween is the perfect time for brands to get a little weird with their commercials. Heart-warming scenes of families eating their morning cereal are suddenly replaced by flesh-eating zombies, insane ax murderers, and demon children. It’s fantastic. Want to get a little spooked? Grab some candy corn, my friends, because you’re about to experience ten of the most horrifyingly ...Read the full article

Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge feat. Monternez Rezell

America's Got Talent contestant Monternez "Monty" Rezell of Stick and Move dance crew and Movement Revolution danced, posed and dressed his way into the record book. Cameras captured his every step as he succeeded in breaking the Guinness World Record for most costume changes in 6 hours and 5 mins. Kmart's large selection of 3,000 Halloween costumes and accessories supported this world record effort. Song Credit: David Condos -- Artist "Like Wolves" -- Song Dancer: Monternez "Monty" Rezell Location: Kmart -- Chicago 3443 W. Addision 10/10/2012

Zombie News: Video Of Zombies Protesting Humans

Zombie Broadcast System is the first zombie news team to cover the zombie events. Initial human reactions to the zombie awakening, led by the self-described "Zombie Preparedness Headquarters", have been less than welcoming to the zombie population. So today they marched in protest. With the help of, zombies are taking a stand against this unfortunate trend with protests at Westlake stores. is the first nonprofit organization created with the mission of advocating on behalf of the undead. It has come to the attention of that residents are being encouraged to shut zombies out from their homes—and society. "Zombies were people once too, just like you and me," said advocate Ricky Braneberger. "There is no reason that, with limb reattachment procedures and regular formaldehyde treatments, zombies can't become normal, functioning citizens." Many people fail to realize the many ways the unique strengths of zombies could allow them to contribute to society. For example, they could make excellent car crash dummies and eliminate risky tasks for the living, such as window washing on skyscrapers.

Snickers Halloween Grocery Store Lady

Scariest "Haunted Hotel" Commercial -----

Haunted Hotels for Halloween by

Skittles Web - Extended Version

Think you know the whole story about the giant talking spider and his #SkittlesWeb this Halloween? Well, prepare your mind for a touching story of… friendship? Trap the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.


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Nike run for your life

Very interesting ad, with a classic horror movie scenario. A young girl is chased by masked man with a saw... Will she escape?

Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You - Little Girl TV Advert - BlackBerry Curve 9300 in Pink - Phones 4u

Official Ghost and Little Girl advert - Phones 4u. Check out our scary Halloween-themed advert, showing the horror that missing our latest mobile phones can bring. If you're after a smartphone or a contract, avoid the nightmares and check the deals at Phones 4u. DO SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW US:!/Phones4u Stick with us at Phones 4u - we regularly upload reviews, tips, news and tutorials to engage with a community of people who love mobile technology as much as we do. TAGS: Scary, advert, Halloween, horror, haunted, CCTV, phone, Latest, mobile, phones, contract, smartphone

Cravendale - Hint Of Ad

A TV Advert for Cravendale Fresh Milk, which has a hint of something sooo good, the Strawberry Cows want it back.

Dulux Wash & Wear

Subway's 'sexist' Halloween commercial

About 2,74,000 results (0.45 seconds) Search Results News for Subway's 'sexist' Halloween commercial Daily Mail Subway ad focusing on staying thing for Halloween ... ‎- 5 hours ago That's the mood Subway hoped to capitalize on in a new ad, in which a woman asserts she has to eat healthy to fit into her sexy Halloween ... Subway's Halloween ad gets slammed for being sexist Atlanta Journal Constitution‎ - 3 hours ago More news for Subway's 'sexist' Halloween commercial Subway Wants Women to Eat Right So They'll Be Sexier in ... 1 day ago - Ladies, bikini season may be over, but Subway wants to remind you that sexy Halloween costume season is still nigh. New Subway Ad Tells Women To Stay Skinny; Sexy ... 20 hours ago - New Subway Ad Tells Women To Stay Skinny; Sexy Halloween Costumes Incoming. Rant in 3, 2.... by Carolyn Cox ( ) Thursday, October 2nd ... Subway Will Help You Get Thin For Your Sexy Halloween ... 22 hours ago - Summer is over, so now you should be working on your Halloween body. At least, that's the premise of a new Subway ad. Unfortunately. Article - Subway's 'Sexy Halloween Costume ... 4 hours ago - Subway's 'Sexy Halloween Costume' commercial stirring debate. Subway's Halloween Commercial Is Offensive to Women ... 5 hours ago - Subway has introduced a new Halloween commercial encouraging women to stay hot for sexy Halloween costumes. Subway's 'sexist' Halloween commercial - YouTube ► 0:31► 0:31 1 hour ago - Uploaded by Валерия Меньшикова Subway's commercial for Halloween has been branded sexist after suggesting women need to watch what ... Subway's Halloween ad gets slammed for being sexist ... › Entertainment 4 hours ago - With summer bikini season now over, Subway is taking a different angle to encourage people to keep eating healthy. Its new ad claims fitting ... Subway's 'sexist' Halloween commercial | Daily Mail Online Subway's commercial for Halloween has been branded sexist after suggesting women need to watch what they eat to fit into their costumes. Subway's Halloween commercial causing controversy ... 5 hours ago - Subway's Halloween commercial causing controversy. Posted 7:35 am, October ... Critics say the ad has sexist undertones. What do you think? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Hyderabad, Telangana - From your Internet address - Use precise location - Learn more Help Send feedback