Travel Site Partners With Prolific Instagramers To Crowdsource Travel Guides

by Steve Hall
For its 10th anniversary, luxury hotel booking site Splendia took to Instagram to both create unique crowdsourced city guides as well as boost its awareness level. Working with Paris-based agency Kindai, the travel site launched Instagramers City Guides, a visual guide for locations such as Rome, New York, Istanbul, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris.Read the full article

Splendia - Instagramers City Guides - Case Study partners with french digital agency Kindai to launch a brand new city guide concept : “Splendia Instagramers City Guides”. About the campaign : -Kindai agency: -Instagramers City Guides: -Splendia: -Splendia: contact us : bonjour @ Instagramers : Hervé Bois, Saul Aguilar, Jean-Bernard Corazzi, Natalie Amrossi, VuThéara Kham.