4 Ways Content Sharing Can Fit Into Your Content Strategy

by Herbert Lui
Content Curation, Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Earned Media, Owned Media, Relationship Building, SEO As Fusion Senior Editor Felix Salmon wrote for Reuters, we live in an age of promiscuous media. In contrast to traditional wisdom, in which you keep your best content on your own site behind gated walls, Salmon suggests that the most effective method of distributing ...Read the full article

  • Promiscuous media

    blogs.reuters.com - 23 readers - Everybody is a curator, these days: publishers design platforms for certain types of content, editors shape publications by deciding what to leave out; journalists try to make sure that the stuff they're doing is expressed to its best possible effect on the best possible platform.

  • In the World of Branded Content, Original Always Wins

    adage.com - 24 readers - No brand makes a mind-share dent with unoriginal content. Nothing builds a brand more effectively than content consumers will want to share with each other.

  • Earth Will Cross The Climate Danger Threshold By 2036

    businessinsider.com - 29 readers - How warm is too warm?