Brilliant Move: Glacéau Fruit Water Sponsors Amy Sedaris’ Adventures on Tinder

by Jillian Richardson
Twenty-somethings love talking about horrible dating apps and funny videos we saw online. What we don’t talk about is fruit water—until now. That’s because Glacéau recently released a new web series with PopSugar featuring comedian Amy Sedaris. As a funny lady myself—and admittedly a Tinder user—I cannot stop watching “Seriously Distracted.Read the full article

JD Joins Tinder (Seriously Distracted Ep. 2 of 8)

Victoria, Paige and Lily help their boss make the most of a very special inter-office Tinder match. WATCH MORE Seriously Distracted: SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: TWEET This Video: SHARE This Video on Facebook: Starring JD: Amy Sedaris Paige: Greta Lee Lily: Morgan Grace Jarrett Victoria: Laura Grey Dan: Russ Armstrong Director: Tim Bierbaum Writer: Celeste Ballard Producer: Ashley Bearden Production Supervisor: Sara Webster Production Coordinator: Kayla Nadel-LaMotta 1st Assistant Director: Inna Braude 2nd Assistant Director: Andreas Villaggio Director of Photography: Austin Schmidt Camera B Operator: Matt Klammer Camera A 1st Assistant Camera: Marcos Herrera Camera B 1st Assistant Camera: Jason Raswant 2nd Assistant Camera: Dom Galeano Editor: Charlie Porter Assistant Editor: Sean McIlraith Media Manager: Simon Wolfe Graphics: Tim Bierbaum Script Supervisor: Claire Fowler Gaffer: Alex Crowe Key Grip: Joe Wannemacher Best Boy Electrics: Andrew Gritzke & Rob Fattorini Best Boy Grip: Mark Solomon Sound Mixer: Patrick Southern Boom Operators: Tom Tierney & Brian Joseph Production Designer: Vanessa Riegel Prop Master: Jessie Gagliano Art Production Assistant: Gavin Riegel Costume Designer: Stephanie Alexander Wardrobe Supervisor: Eric Miller Wardrobe Assistant: JP Groth Hair Stylist: Tanja Hudson Make-up Artist: Asie Mohtarez Casting Director: Cody Beke Assistant Casting Director: Seth White Extras Casting Director: Mat McHugh Craft Services: Jason Kelley Production Assistants: Adam Keleman, Elliot Isaac, & Benjamin Baldwin

  • Watch Amy Sedaris Try To Figure Out Tinder - 6 readers, 20 Tweets - Online dating is hard enough without having to learn how to use a new app every six months. But who better to capture the frustrations of modern love than the woman who played Jerri Blank? "Strangers with Candy" star Amy Sedaris does jus...