How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization

by Noz Urbina
In a recent CMI post, I explored the omni-channel technique of adaptive content. As a follow-up, I wanted to dive a bit more deeply into the changes marketers and content strategists will need to make, in terms of how we think about and plan our content models and content marketing strategies to actually make them adaptive.Read the full article

LavaCon 2013 Keynote #6: Noz Urbina, Content Strategy Consultant: How to Reach Those Who Control the Power and Purse Strings

Note: This post contains video of the keynote only. Please follow along with the session slides at:

It often seems like management engagement with your content strategy is like a great mystical prize sealed up in the highest tower of a maze-like castle; there’s a huge moat, and the whole thing is on top of a mountain.

To actually reach it is a challenge that in itself will take a strategy, special tools (and weapons?), and a great mountain-climbing, maze-solving team.

Noz Urbina shares some of his experience on how we can get closer to our content strategy objectives by not falling at the first barrier: getting the necessary support to develop and implement it. Based on a career selling content strategies into a diverse range of organizations—from a few hundred staff to tens-of-thousands—some of his tips will involve judicious use of common sense, and others will be potentially surprising. Learn how you can storm that castle, and claim your prize.

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