[Video] Social Media Quick Tips: Formatting Text in Google+

by Danielle Cormier
There are many unique features that differentiate Google+ from other social media networks. One of the lesser known features is Google+’s content formatting options. For example, on Google+ you have the ability to bold, italicize, and even strikethrough text. You can make these changes by adding one of these symbols to the beginning and end of text you’d like to change: aster ...Read the full article

Social Media Quick Tips: Formatting Text in Google+

One of the fun and differentiating features of Google+ is the ability to change the formatting of the font within a post. You can bold, italicize, or strikethrough text when sharing or commenting on content by adding the symbols explained in this video. Changing the formatting sections of text in your posts is a simple way to make your content and main point stand out. Discover more social media tricks on the Constant Contact blog: http://blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/social-media-marketing/social-media-tricks/