Tony Roma’s: Vocus Increased Brand Awareness for Our 160 Restaurants

by Brian Conlin
“Our first restaurant opened in North Miami in 1972, and since then we have grown to over 160 locations in 34 countries,” says Tony Roma’s Media and Communications Manager Jay Winborne. “Despite our growth, we struggled with brand awareness,” he says. “We needed a PR solution that helped us showcase our strengths to customers, build brand awareness and show how our actions make a difference.Read the full article

Tony Roma’s: Vocus Serves a Solution for PR Success

From building brand awareness and measuring PR success to planning tomorrow’s strategies, Tony Roma’s trusts the Vocus PR Suite to support its 160 restaurants. They use Vocus’ all-in-one dashboard, social media monitoring and analytics to share their unique story. Roll up your sleeves and dive into a deep dish of #PR success! - Vocus PR Suite: - Request a demo:

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