3 Simple AdWords Bidding Tweaks to Outsmart Your Competition

by James Scaggs
Keep ahead of competitors with these simple AdWords bidding tweaks. Image by TRF_Mr_Hyde via Flickr. Do you know how your competitors are bidding more efficiently than you in AdWords to drive more conversions and higher ROI? Sure, they may have access to sophisticated and expensive PPC management tools, but that’s not enough on its own.Read the full article

Adwords - Demographic Bidding - How to Adjust Bids Based on Household Income

In this 2 minute video we show you how to adjust your Adwords bids based on the average household income of a person searching on Google for your product or service. This strategy will allow you to increase bids for people that are in the Top 10% of average household incomes in a given geographic location. It also works with decreasing bids for people in the lower household income tiers. See our full post at Unbounce.com to understand all the details of this Adwords bidding strategy.