Freakshow – A New Video Show Coming Soon

by Chris Brogan

Whatever it Takes Freak Show - Chris Brogan

Some of the shows on the Whatever it Takes Network are buttoned up. I would say that some of the shows on the Whatever it Takes Network buttoned down wouldn't you say? Im Chris Brogran what I am going to bring to the Whatever it Takes Network is Freak Show and I am going to put my finger on a whole different button entirely. Join me I will be covering all kinds of conversations with not your typical entrepreneurs, not your typical people who you see on all those other great shows who are the buttoned down and the slightly buttoned up, instead I am going to talk to the weirdos, the freaks, the misfits and the world dominators. Because there are alot of others ways to get this business figured out and my way is to help you find the freaks. Join me on Whatever it Takes Network for Freak Show. For more info click here:

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