Apps for Affiliates from AvantLink

by Shawn Collins
I posted recently with the question, Why Don’t Affiliate Networks Have App Stores?, and I came to find out that I’d totally missed the AvantLink App Market. The AvantLink App Market features ad tools, plugins, scripts, and widgets submitted by web developers and approved by AvantLink. One thing that blows me away about the App Market is that it is three years old.Read the full article

AvantLink App Market - Introducing the AvantLink App Market, another first in the Affiliate marketing industry from the leader in network-integrated ad tools. Affiliates now have unlimited FREE access to powerful ad tools, plugins, scripts or widgets submitted by innovative web developers, and approved by AvantLink. Affiliates can access and use unique, powerful ad widgets or marketing apps via the AvantLink platform. Watch the short video for more information...or follow the link below. More info: