Jaeger’s head of ecommerce on customer experience & multichannel retail

by David Moth
At Demandware’s Xchange ‘14 conference I caught up with Jaeger’s head of ecommerce, Simon Spencelayh, to find out how the fashion retailer is improving the customer experience and its multichannel capabilities. It’s less than a year since Jaeger relaunched its online store for the second time in less than 12 months, and only around eight months since Spencelayh started his new role.Read the full article

Gostwyck Wool: Life on the Farm

Sheep on the Gostwyck farm in New South Wales, Australia might just be the happiest in the world: they’re farmed in a way that focuses on their needs, with plenty of human attention, all the food they need, huge grazing spaces, and all done in an eco-respectful way. And that love and care shows through in their fleeces, and our exclusive Autumn/Winter ’14 Gostwyck collection.