David vs. Goliaths: How Maplewood Online Beat AOL and the ‘Times’ for Hyperlocal Dominance

by Matthew Rothenberg
Every battle starts with a single shot, but this one started with two. In the Hyperlocal Content Wars of 2009, two successive rounds were fired in my town of Maplewood, N.J., when Tim Armstrong’s Patch.com and The New York Times Local both set their sights on our village. As a laboratory for experiments in scalable, community-focused news, Maplewood made perfect sense.Read the full article

  • The New York Times' Hyperlocal Jersey Experiment Is Dunzo

    businessinsider.com - 18 readers - A shame, too, because it looks like it was getting much better traffic than Patch.

  • Post-Handoff Patch Lays Off Hundreds

    forbes.com - 15 readers - Hale Global, the firm that took Patch off AOL's hands two weeks ago, describes itself as "an investment holding company...for special situations." Just what does that mean? Apparently, the same thing as the "transition specialist," the job title of George Clooney's character in "Up In The Air." Having waited a decent [...]