Power to the people: Aussies are more engaged in online protests than ever (SURVEY)

One in 10 internet users in Australia are protesting online via change.org making us the second highest number of users of the website, per capita, globally. A survey of change.org’s two million users shows that Australians are more engaged than ever when it comes to online activism around political and consumer issues.Read the full article

2 million stories of people power

These are the stories of how ordinary people have used a simple online petition to achieve remarkable change. 2 million Australians -- one in ten Aussies with internet access -- are now using change.org. And it's clear people have never been more powerful in having a say on issues that matter to them. Help us spread the word on how people can make a difference -- watch and share the video now. https://www.change.org/en-AU/start-a-petition Note: for those interested in the ongoing work of Ralph Kelly on tackling alcohol-fuelled violence, find the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation at http://www.thomaskelly.com.au/