What the Ello? – Here’s Why with Mark and Eric

by Eric Enge
In this episode of Here’s Why, Mark and Eric dive head first into the world of Ello. They discuss the reasons behind Ello’s recent surge in popularity, who created it and why, and what the future holds for the burgeoning social network. If you haven’t read it already, definitely check out Mark’s incredibly in-depth guide: Ello: The Complete Guide to the Ad Free Social Network.Read the full article

What the Ello - Here's Why with Mark & Eric

Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen are back with an all new episode of Here's Why. This week's topic... Ello! You may or may not have heard of Ello, but it is a fast growing social network with serious legs. Eric and Mark discuss what Ello is, how founded it and why, and what the future holds for Ello and its users. Mark put together an incredibly comprehensive guide on Ello on the STC blog. Check it out here: http://stonet.co/ElloUserGuide If you want to check out any of the articles or sites referenced in the video you can find them here: Facebook Changes Real-Name Policy After Uproar From Drag Queens: http://stonet.co/1wgGaBb Ello Raises $5.5M with Its 'Facebook Is Evil' Positioning: http://stonet.co/1tl62es People are selling invites to Ello on eBay: http://stonet.co/13ljKUF Who Created Ello?: http://stonet.co/1wJ0JEG