5 Awesome Brand Videos That Harness the Power of Music

by Alyssa Hertig
“Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here!” Albus Dumbledore once said. The iconic wizard might have been a fictional character, but I still think it says something that a man who can manipulate dragon blood recognizes the power of a good beat. If you’ve stepped foot in New York City, you’ve likely recognized it too.Read the full article


On her first day back to school, a student encounters her inner nemesis, the Womp Womp. #BeUnlimited Featuring: Isabella Balbi Jacori Neal JennxPenn Thats0jack Hunter March Josh Levi Miranda Sings Mystery Guitar Man Kingsley -- Download “Unlimited,” the original song performed by Isabella Balbi, on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/unlmtd As part of a partnership with Camp Old Navy, approximately $.60 of each download goes directly to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Camp Old Navy empowers kids to #BeUnlimited by helping them develop the skills they need for successful futures. Learn more about Camp Old Navy at http://bewhatspossible.com/campoldnavy --

Borjomi Piano Machine

Generous piano that treats people with fizzy water appeared in Ukraine In the midst of the most strained year in the history of independent Ukraine, after months of unrest, uncertainty and tension caused by political and economic vulnerability, Ukrainians needed more than ever bright emotions. To support the citizens and make their mornings brighter during traditional music Alfa Jazz Fest held in L’viv this summer, the Borjomi Company and Banda Agency created generous piano that was giving a bottle of legendary volcanic water for a good playing. The Borjomi piano appeared on the central city square, where passers-by could literally try their hand at music and get a fizzy reward along with a smile. During the festival, the piano heard thousands of unknown virtuosos, got into the photo archives of hundreds of mobile phones and delivered as many bottles of Borjomi as would be enough for several years of pleasant awakenings.

Don’t Go Chasing Girls

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” by TLC is #thatsongwhen nine-year-old Mikey put everything on the line to win the heart of his playground crush. Share your story at thatsongwhen.com

คอนเสิร์ตข้างถนน Street Concert (Official HD) : ไทยประกันชีวิต Thai Life Insurance

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Tommy Kruise "RHEA" @ScionSessions

Tommy Kruise, one of Quebec's underground kings, has joined forces with Scion Sessions to bring you this latest visual masterpiece - the official video for "Rhea". "A lot of people were askin' me what was I up to and what I was cookin' up in the last few months. Is Tommy hiding ? Is Tommy troubled by this dry year in rap music ? Those are just some questions I was gettin' on the daily on my twitter feed. I decided to bring Martin Pariseau to my place in order to shoot a little day in the life. By day in the life, I mean a very honest one. No fireworks, no colored smoke bombs and no slow motion. Needless to say, everybody knows now." - Tommy Kruise ____________________________________________________________________________ Tommy Kruise, un des kings de l’underground québécois, s’est associé à Scion Sessions pour son dernier chef d’oeuvre visuel avec la vidéo officielle de « Rhea ». « Beaucoup de gens me demandaient ce qui se passait avec moi dans les derniers mois et qu'est-ce que je préparais. Est-ce que Tommy se cache ? Est-il troublé par cette année 2014 pauvre en rap music ? Ce ne sont que quelques questions que je recevais sur mon twitter feed tout les jours. J'ai décidé d'apporter Martin Pariseau dans mon petit chez moi pour tourner une petite journée dans ma vie. Par journée dans ma vie, on dit bien une version très honnête. Pas de feux d'artifices, pas de bombes de fumées colorés et pas de ralenti partout. Maintenant, tout le monde peut savoir ». - Tommy Kruise http://facebook.com/therealtommykruise http://facebook.com/scionsessions http://scionsessions.ca http://scion.ca