Link Building Or Content Marketing? What’s Best For Your Business?

by Ronell Smith
Despite all the talk about Google one day “suppressing” the value of links in favor of other ranking factors, those days have not arrived yet, which explains why you continue to fret over too few links given the amount of money you’re now spending on content. Should you focus less on content creation and more on link building? Or should you go all-in on content marketing with h ...Read the full article

The Master Formula to Grow Your Following on Any Social Network

Some basic principles for growing your social following are the same across networks. Understanding what these are, and then understanding the differences between each one can make things go much faster for you. Here is the YouTube Link: Join +Rebekah Radice and I as we share what these principles and differences are to help you get rockin' on social. The show will air at 1 PM ET (Boston time) on Tuesday October 28th. Say YES or MAYBE to get access to the video for live or later viewing. I will also share the YouTube link here for mobile viewers. Please reshare the event and/or invite others! This will help us pack the house, and generate more discussion. Thanks for your help! Time stamps for this show are as follows: 1:48- What's behind all these new social networks? 8:04- Quality over Quantity when it comes to building a following 13:27- Set apart specific times for social media 15:40- Is it all about the money when participating in social media? 20:44- How do we grow our following on Google+? 30:33- How do you keep branding consistent among all platforms? 33:46- What about an artist serving customers not businesses? 37:15- Build communities with people already interested in what you do 42:46- Make a plan and find the right networks for your audience 49:16- As you grow, how do you pick your next network? 52:16- Elevating others is always a win-win 56:17- Focus on making an impact with people who are right for your business 59:05- Closing advice from Mark Traphagen 1:00:18- Closing advice from Eric Enge