Authority Keyword Research Tutorial [with Video!] + SEM Rush Review

by Perrin Carrell
A while back, we made a major mindset shift—not to mention a major strategy shift in our business. We started moving away from creating lots of smaller niche sites and started focusing on one bigger “authority” site. A lot of you guys started making that change, too. Some of you, like me, were hit with the PBN penalties that have been floating around, and you now want to creat ...Read the full article

SEM Rush Revew + Authority Site Keyword Research Tutorial

SEM Rush is an incredibly powerful tool, and when combined with Long Tail Pro, it can yield hundreds of great keywords.

Using SEMRush to Find Low Competition Seed Keywords . SEMrush is a great tool that can help you reverse engineer other sites that are ranking for easy keywords. This technique in combination with Long Tail Pro is something that I have used many times to find easy to rank for keywords.