How To Explain the Internet to Clients

by Nicolette Beard
Many online marketing professionals are walking encyclopedias; they can quote chapter and verse about Google’s latest updates, the state of mobile adoption and the value of responsive design for conversions. Yet, when it comes to explaining SEO benchmarks or how the Internet works, they are at a loss.Read the full article

5 Important SEO Benchmarks for New Clients

Raven's Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Nicolette Beard explains 5 benchmarks she uses when evaluating a potential client or a new client, and why they're the most important. You'll see the type of report that she provides. And at the end of this training class, you'll learn how to use Raven's new reporting tool to build a similar report. This is a recording based on a live, online training class conducted by Raven in October 2014. To see the slideshow that accompanies this video, go to To sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Raven, go to