How IKEA Became Kings of Content Marketing

by Amanda Walgrove
John Lennon may have said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus… But what about IKEA? The Swedish “Life Improvement Store” prints over 200 million copies of its catalog each year—double the amount of Bibles printed in the same time frame. While IKEA’s print offering is its most enduring piece of content marketing, it only scratches the surface of the brand’s exemplary conte ...Read the full article

Place IKEA furniture in your home with augmented reality

The 2014 IKEA catalogue gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your own home with the help of augmented reality. Unlock the feature by scanning selected pages in the 2014 printed IKEA catalogue with the IKEA catalogue application (available for iOS and Android) or by browsing the pages in the digital 2014 IKEA catalogue on your smartphone or tablet. Then simply place the printed IKEA catalogue where you want to put the furniture in your room, choose a product from a selection of the IKEA range and see how it will look in your home!

Experience the power of a bookbook™

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas. Join the revolution at (Singapore) or (Malaysia). Available in the IKEA store from 8 Sept (Malaysia) and 18 Sept (Singapore).

S2.5 Flying Solo (Part 1)

The winner of IKEA's coveted 'Co-Worker of the Year' is revealed, but that's only the beginning. Illeana, Justine and their fellow IKEAns are on a plane bound for Sweden, where new co-workers, new relationships and 'bitter' rivalries combine to re-define 'in-flight entertainment.' Series written,produced and created by Illeana Douglas Illeanarama 2008 Directed by Michael Kang

A Girl Who Works at IKEA by Kate Micucci

Family Room Makeover Ideas - IKEA Home Tour (Episode 101)

In the first episode of IKEA Home Tour, the IKEA Squad comes up with a number of family room makeover ideas to help the Kravitz-Kirsch family transform their back room, or den. Their goal: Turn the cluttered space into an inviting, functional family room. Watch more from the IKEA Home Tour here: What's IKEA Home Tour? We'll tell you! We're sending a team of IKEA experts on the road to help America solve real home furnishing challenges, big and small, and transform their living spaces. The Home Tour Squad is hitting the road to assist those who need help with home projects -- from closet organization to living room style upgrades to bedroom makeovers -- and to illustrate genuine solutions that make everyday life at home better. The Home Tour Squad will come up with a plan and go shopping for the furnishings and accessories needed at the local IKEA store. The homeowners and the Squad members will then accomplish the transformation together! Plus, the Squad will film their journey along the way. The IKEA Home Tour Squad is a team of hand-selected IKEA experts from across the country. They specialize in everything from home design to organization to sustainability at home. Each Squad member comes from a different background and contributes their unique expertise to help homeowners on the tour. Their journey will be chronicled through before/after makeover videos, tour footage, and video shorts featuring design tips and interviews with homeowners. Squad members will also be sharing live updates from the tour via Twitter (@IKEAUSA) and Instagram (@IKEAUSA) with the hashtag #IKEAHomeTour. For more inspirational ideas for your home, check out IKEA USA on: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - Google+ -

Celeste & Jesse Forever - IKEA

  • IKEA's New Catalogs: Less Pine, More Pixels - 25 readers - For IKEA's new catalogs, computer-generated images aim to save money on marketing costs as photographers are retrained to apply skills to 3-D scenes.