British Airways Follows ‘Visit Mum’ Viral Success With #WelcomeOfHome Social Contest

by Steve Hall
I’m not an expatriate and don’t have any relatives that are, either. So I have no idea what it must be like to live in a different country from the rest of my family. However, British Airways is doing its best to make sure Indian expatriates, and the broader expat community that lives in America and Canada, understand the airline truly grasps what that life of separation is ...Read the full article

British Airways – The Welcome Of Home

Experience the Welcome of Home with British Airways here The true story of Chitra and her journey back home to India. Whether your family lives across the street or 10,000 miles away, the Welcome of Home is important. That’s why we do our best to make you and your loved ones feel welcomed before you even get there. With our authentic Hindu food, Bollywood movies and friendly cabin crew you’ll feel like you’re half way home the moment you board. Give your loved ones the Welcome of Home they deserve

British Airways India -- A Ticket to Visit Mum

You only get one family: so come #visitmum and book your ticket to India today here At British Airways, we make visiting Mum easier. For almost 40 years, we've dedicated ourselves to reconnecting you with the people who matter, like Ratnesh, a young man from India, who's touchingly reunited with his Mum, after moving away from his home in Mumbai when he was only 17. We at British Airways understand that family matters. With more flights to India than ever before, from over 20 North American cities, we make going home simple. We add more joy to your trip too, by offering amenities such as Hindu and Muslim meal options and Bollywood movies.