Convince Your Boss To Use Video Content Marketing

by Heidi Cohen
Video Content Research: 11 Charts Use video to get your brand up in lights! Think movies for your audience’s screen of choice not advertising or promotion. With expanded ownership and use of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, consumers can view as well as shoot video content when and where they wish.Read the full article

B2B Comedy in Content Marketing: The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day, from Cisco

The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day, from Cisco. Humorous video for a B2B product launch. The comedy was covered by the New York Times and several trade magazines, and included in the social media best selling book, Real Time Marketing by David Meerman Scott.

Institute for Backup Trauma

The classic viral web video starring John Cleese - that made fun of tape backup to promote online backup. Done with Jeff Weiner, the team at Thundersky (now Captains of Industry), and many others.