Blogger Interview: Sharing Pinterest Marketing Ideas with Jeff Sieh

I shared my best Pinterest marketing ideas in this interview with Jeff Sieh. But first, let me tell you a little about Jeff. He’s the man behind the widely popular Google+ Hangout series called The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. Yes, that’s right, men love Pinterest too! Jeff is also making a name for himself in the world of video production and social media management with His D ...Read the full article

The Manly Pinterest Tips Show - With Special Guest Ileane Smith

Join us each week for *The Manly Pinterest Tips Show and Podcast* Our mission, _(and we choose to accept it)_ is to give practical tips to help you succeed on +Pinterest Join us for this episode as we talk to +Ileane Smith about *Driving Traffic With Pinterest* +Ileane Smith is a blogger with a variety of interests including marketing, graphic design, music, networking, finances, and more, and her philosophy of life is to keep an open mind and allow the creative juices to flow. Her blog, Basic Blog Tips, covers blogging tutorials, tips, guest posting, YouTube, podcasting, and more. Whether a beginner or pro blogger, there is plenty to learn from Ileane Smith! Visit Ileane's website here: YouTube Channel: Podcast: Pinterest Boards: Make sure to ask questions for Ileane on the event page! If you'd like to be kept in the loop of all things *_Manly_*, head over to and sign up for our email updates so you'll never miss a show! ****************** _MANLY Disclaimer: You will have received an invite if you have asked to be added to the invite circle, attended past events, if you have commented positively on a past event, or if you're Chuck Norris…because Chuck Norris doesn't ask to be invited to HOA's. If you want to be removed from the invite list, please let me know. I forgive you. But Chuck Norris probably won't._ #ManlyPinterestTips #Pinterest

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