How to Create a Movement and Explode Your Brand with Content Marketing: A Case Study

by Marcus Sheridan
There is a reality to this thing called content marketing that is inescapable: Content Marketing is NOT a “tip your toes in the water” approach to business. Nope, not at all. The fact is, those companies that manage to turn content marketing from a “program” (a forced set of actions) to a true “culture” (intrinsically motivated actions) are the ones doing exceptional things in their space.Read the full article

From the Heart - Trailer

Healthcare executives in the US, take note: A disruptive role model for healthcare is knocking on your back door. The Health Services Authority of the Cayman Islands has been operating as an accountable care organization and practicing population health management for the past 14 years. In the spring of 2014, Dr. Devi Shetty of Bangalore, India, in collaboration with business and government leadership of the Cayman Islands, opened the doors to a state-of-the-art hospital on the East End of Grand Cayman Island. This facility, known as Health City Cayman Islands, offers cardiothoracic surgery and other procedures, common to an aging population, at a fraction of the US cost, with better outcomes and higher patient safety. The initial target patient population is the Caribbean and bordering countries. By the spring of 2015, Health City Cayman Islands will actively market its services to US patients, employers, insurers, and the US government. How does a geographically isolated country with a population of 50,000, with no direct taxation, manage to provide affordable, accessible, high quality, and innovative healthcare? Can the Cayman Islands model be replicated in similarly sized communities in the US? The answer is yes, and traditional care delivery systems in the US will either feel inspired — or threatened — by this film documentary.

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