The best social media PSAs from around the world

by Shareen Pathak
“Your brain on drugs” is so last century. These days, public service announcements use innovative native ad tactics, bait-and-switch moves and a myriad of other interesting ad formats to get their message across. Heidi Arthur, svp and group campaign director at the Ad Council, said that PSAs have “without question become more creative in recent years.Read the full article

How to look your best the morning after

Share this to take a stand or visit this site for more Hia Everyone, Hope you're all well? I'm not feeling 100% today so I've done a video on how to look your best the morning after. Sorry if I'm not me usual perky self but the look turned out great and I think it's perfect whether you're off out or just staying home with your other half. Thanks so much for watching, sharing, liking and most of all supporting all that I do. For more info on today's look go here #dontcoveritup Zoom zoom! Lauren :)

12-year-old Thea's wedding to 37-year-old Geir

See how it went when 12-year-old Thea was married off to 37-year-old Geir on UN's International Day of the Girl Child. #stoppbryllupet #stopthewedding Learn more: Video: Klikkmonster Music: Ine Hoem - This Year (,

Google+ Hangouts - Same sex marriage

Google +'s technologies can change people's lives and help society progress. We promoted Google +'s most iconic & differentiating feature, Google Hangouts : a unique technology allowing 10 people to be on a video call simultaneously. We wanted to put Google +'s hangouts at the service of a greater cause - the most debated issue in France at the time: same-sex marriage. We partnered with the association "Tous Unis Pour l'Egalité" and created the first social same-sex marriage. We made it possible for French gay couples to get married in France via Hangout, with a Mayor from Belgium where same-sex marriage is law. The ceremony was witnessed online by family and friends and broadcasted live on YouTube for the whole world to see. These first social same-sex weddings gave a new venue for thousands of French gay couples to be heard and to speak out about their rights. We helped the debate progress in France by giving a voice to the many supporters of marriage equality. Since we did this operation, the law is passed in France. It's now possible for same sex couples to marry in France. But we still have a long way to go as we take this initiative further than France. If your country is still deliberating the Bill and the Law is not yet passed, please be in touch with us : and we will marry you, from France, live on the Internet via Google Hangouts. --------------------------------------------------------- Google+ peut changer la vie des gens et aider la société à avancer. Nous avons donc souhaité promouvoir la plus iconique des technologies Google+, Google Hangouts : une technologie unique permettant jusqu'à dix personnes d'être ensemble sur la même vidéo conférence. Nous avons utilisé le Hangouts de Google+ en faveur d'une grande cause, un débat qui faisait rage en France à ce moment là : le mariage de personnes du même sexe. Nous avons fait en sorte de pouvoir marier des couples homosexuels en France, via Google Hangouts, par un maire Belge où le mariage de personnes du même sexe est légal. Les amis et les familles ont pu être témoins de ces unions, diffusées live sur Youtube, aux yeux du monde entier. Ces premiers mariages sociaux de même sexe donnèrent l'opportunité à des milliers de couples homosexuels français d'être entendus, et de pouvoir parler de leurs droits. Nous pensons avoir modestement participé à la progression du débat en France, en donnant une voix à ceux qui soutenaient le mariage pour tous. Depuis cette opération, la loi en France a été votée. Il est donc désormais possible pour les couples de même sexe de se marier en France. Mais nous souhaitons désormais étendre cette opération aux pays dans lesquels la loi est toujours en débat, et n'est donc pas encore passée. Contactez-nous :, et nous vous marierons, depuis la France, via Google Hangouts. ---------------------------------------------------------

Anar Foundation "Only for Children"

ANAR Foundation receives thousands of calls a day. We need more resources. With only 3 euros and you can help a child. Do not miss thisopportunity. We really appreciateyour comments. Anar Foundation has very limited resources to raise awareness of their phone number to help child andAdolescents at risk. Thanks to the publicity on media andall comments on social networks the campaign hasachieved its main objective: Raise awareness of the Foundation and their helpline. We encourage you tocontinue to help and work with us, with only 3 euros you can save a child. Thank you very much.

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